Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo
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Nonprofit Bulk Email, Newsletters, Campaigns by BluePogo

About BluePogo

BluePogo is owned and operated by Terregen and based in Louisville, Kentucky. Terregen has long been known as a "Can Do" kind of company -- taking on projects both large and small in the areas of web development and Information Technology (IT).

We are a highly motivated group of people who enjoy our work and the feedback we get from our clients. With a ridiculous number of years of experience in web technology, design, and email hosting, we are uniquely positioned to do just about anything we want online.

BluePogo is what we have chosen to do. We believe it's time someone with our technical abilities paid close attention to the nonprofit sector. We've committed to being that someone.

We house our own data center and do not outsource any of our equipment or equipment maintenance. Seriously, we can walk down the hall and watch the blinking lights on every one of our servers. Pretty cool.

Company History

Founded in 1995, long before the first waves of the internet revolution began to crash, Terregen came into the business scene with a combined 25 years of experience in a large number of computing and networking environments (ok, it was just one guy with 25 years of experience -- but he was really, really good).

During the internet boom, Terregen added personnel and began to apply the programming and database experience that formed it's core. We put up web-based applications for huge chains of automotive parts stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, and nonprofit organizations.

After many years of working with this "web thing," we created a content management system for easily maintaining web sites. As this was a cost-effective alternative to hiring web-developers on an hourly basis, many companies and nonprofit organizations quickly became our clients.

In fact, we began to work heavily with nonprofits, and learned a great deal about them. Their driving need to communicate as much information as possible on tight budgets made them an excellent match for our services.

Which leads us to BluePogo. While working with nonprofits organizations in our community, we learned that the driving need to communicate mention above was not only a requirement of nonprofit web sites, but also of their email services.

A quick glance around showed us that there was no bulk emailing service available on the internet that truly addressed the needs of nonprofit organizations.

So we built one.

Meet our Staff
  Eric Shriner
Gene Sprowl
Mike Sprowl
Sarah Springer
Willie Myers